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Get Involved!

  • Monday Men's Premier League 
    • CURRENT SESSION - Monday, December 15th - - Schedule Posted
    • NEXT SESSIONS STARTS - Monday, February 9th -

CONGRATULATIONS to LIVE TURKEY for Winning the Premier Monday night League

  • Tuesday Men's C League
    • CURRENT SESSION - Began Tuesday, November  18th - Schedule Posted
    • NEXT SESSION STARTS - Tuesday, February 10th - Registration Deadline Tuesday, February 3rd

  • Wednesday Men's B League 
    • CURRENT SESSION MINI TOURNAMENT - Wednesday, December 10th - Tournament Schedule Posted
    • NEXT SESSION STARTS - Wednesday, December 17th - Registration Deadline Wednesday, December 10th

CONGRATULATIONS to Molly's for Winning the Wednesday night League

  • Thursday Men's Masters Over 30 League
    • CURRENT SESSION - Began Thursday, October 30th - Schedule Posted, Mini Tournament Scheduled December 18th
    • NEXT SESSION STARTS - Thursday, January 8th - Registration Deadline Thursday, December 18th

  • Thursday Men's Masters Over 40 League 
    • CURRENT SESSION - Began Thursday, November 6th - Schedule Posted Mini Tournament Scheduled January 8th 
    • NEXT SESSION STARTS - Thursday, January 15th  - Registration Deadline Thursday, January 8th 

  • Sunday Co-Ed League 
    • CURRENT SESSION - Group A, B C Mini Tournament Posted
    • A & C Group Scheduled December 14th, C Group Scheduled December 21st
    • NEXT SESSION STARTS - Sunday, December 28th - Registration Deadline Sunday, December 21st

MVSC’s adult program is a fun way to stay physically fit in an organized league setting. We have several divisions of play designed to match your skill level. 

If you would like to play but don't have a team, contact pmacon@mockingbirdsoccer.net and add yourself to the "free-agent" list. Alternatively, stop by the club on an evening you would like to play and ask the manager on duty to introduce you to team captains that may be looking for extra players.  


Your new Adult League General Manager is Pete Macon - 

any inquiries about the adult leagues should be directed to pmacon@mockingbirdsoccer.net

In an effort to make your participation at Mockingbird even more enjoyable, there have been some changes to our policies:


Update to our Payment Policy:

To make playing at Mockingbird more affordable – registration deposits have been lowered from $200 to just $75. Registration is due on the last night of the current session.

Instead of the full $750, now only $500 is due before the first game. The remaining balance may be paid before the second game – (games will strictly not start until these figures have been met)

To help keep games on time, please arrive 20 minutes early on payment nights.

Update to our Leagues:

A new league system has been introduced that will allow your team to find a suitable level of play:

Monday Mens Premier League – Mockingbirds most competitive soccer league.

Tuesday Mens C League – Less competitive rec soccer.

Wednesday Mens B League – High paced competitive matches.

Thursday Mens Masters 30 – Over 30 soccer action.

Thursday Mens Masters 40 – Over 40 soccer action.

Sunday Co-Ed Series A / B – Two tiers of Co-Ed Soccer fun.

As a reminder, we have a zero tolerance approach for:

  • Violent Behavior,

  • Spitting on the field,

  • Abuse directed at referees or members of staff,

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the field.