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13 Sep 2013

Soccer Players and Nutrition: Winning from Within

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Dr. Jay Williams, Ph. D., is a professor of Exercise Science in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at Virginia Tech. His research focuses on the responses and adaptations of muscle to activity, inactivity and disease.


Dr. Williams has provided list of helpful articles for NSCAA members, focused on the nutritional habits and facts for athletes. Here's a sampling of information he's provided.


Soccer Diet Webinar: Dealing with a Congested Calendar


This webinar discussed the difficulties faced when dealing with multiple matches played over the course of very days. Also highlighted a few nutritional strategies designed to help players cope with the energy requirements of such a schedule. [+] Watch the webinar


Hydration: The Most Important Piece of the Diet Equation


Proper hydration may be the most important piece of the soccer nutrition puzzle. Like foods eaten, beverages have a significant influence on athletic performance. However, while a weak diet may only affect performance, dehydration raises the risk of serious health consequences ranging from mild discomfort to death. [+] Read full article


Calories, Carbs and Protein: What's a Player to Eat?


Developing a solid nutritional strategy and selecting the right foods to eat can be challenging. Given the variety of today's food choices and methods of preparation, it’s easy to see how players can be confused over what to eat each day. However, a few guidelines can help guide them to a solid diet, one that will pay dividends on the field. [+] Read full article


For more information, please visit the online course, “Soccer Diet: The Simplest Way to Improve Your Team’s Performance.” NSCAA members receive a 20 percent discount on the course.

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