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22 May 2015

Spring Soccer Session Recap: 12-13s

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Dear MVSC Parents,

I hope that this email finds you all doing well on the heels of a very wet Spring season we have had in Louisville, but a fantastic and FUN Spring Soccer Session here at Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex (MVSC).  I wanted to take a moment as we close out the 2015 Spring Youth Recreational Soccer Session at MVSC with all final games/practices this Saturday, (May 23rd), to recap all of the training topics your MVSC Coaching Staff have worked hard to carry out each of the 8 weeks of this Spring Session.   It is my hope that by sharing the information that we at MVSC have been introducing each player/team to and training throughout the Spring Session, that you will be able to notice some improvement in your children’s playing ability as it pertains to the topics we have introduced/trained!  In evaluation of the weekly games hosted at MVSC each Saturday, we have been pleased overall with the improvement we have seen in players/teams with regards to the specific topics we have introduced, especially with the teamwork we have seen improve with the teams in each age group.  From what we have seen, fun has been had by all throughout the Spring Session, and there has been sportsmanship, healthy competition, and kids working together to score goals.  All of this is evidence of development and what we consider to be success.

Throughout the course of the 2015 Spring Youth Soccer Session at MVSC, our coaches have been working with your children to improve their individual ability on the ball (most commonly referenced as “technical ability”) by way of focusing on various age-appropriate dribbling, passing, receiving, and ball-striking topics (to name a few) throughout the Session.  As we conclude this, the eighth and FINAL week of the 2015 Spring Session, and moving into MVSC’s Summer Programming offerings (CLICK HERE to see all the Summer Programming currently being offered for registration!), MVSC Coaches have been expanding on many of the topics first introduced with the individual player in mind, and recently re-introduced said topics with the TEAM in mind (i.e. helping players understand how many of the fundamental topics introduced to them relate to the team as a whole, and help the team find success).  

12+13 Age Group:

  • Week 1 Practice Topics:
    • Introduction of Coach and team
    • Understanding the Rules and the game
    • Dribbling and Turning under control with pace
  • Week 2 Practice Topics:
    • Directional dribbling different surfaces of the foot
    • Dribbling with head up. Fake and Acceleration with beating a defender
    • 1v1 attacking with a burst of speed to beat defenders
  • Week 3 Practice Topics:
    • Passing and receiving using the proper technique
    • Making runs off the ball creating space while supporting player with the ball
    • Shape of attacking and keeping possession of the ball
  • Week 4 Practice Topics:
    • Passing and penetration
    • Directional first touch with the ball to create space
    • Decision making when to hold possession of the ball and when to penetrate to goal
  • Week 5 Practice Topics:
    • Dribbling with head up in small spaces
    • Continued decision making when to hold possession of the ball and when to penetrate to goal
    • Awareness of space, teammates, and opponents
  • Week 6 Practice Topics:
    • Defending with proper technique waiting for the mistake
    • 1v1 defending, close down the attacker, decision making to tackle the ball 
    • Learn 6 D’s Close Attacker Down, Slow Down, Get Down. Stay Down, Decide and Destroy
  • Week 7 Practice Topics:
    • Defending with multiple defenders and supporting
    • Providing pressure on the ball
    • 4v4 to small goals. Building an attack using the defenders
  • Week 8 Practice Topics:
    • Shooting with body balance following through while landing on shooting foot
    • Proper body positions of plant foot and upper body when shooting Placement vs. power

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