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17 Mar 2016

2016 Winter II Soccer Session: Final Recap

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Dear MVSC Parents,

I hope that this email finds you all doing well as we approach the end of Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex’s (MVSC’s) 2016 “Winter II” Youth Recreational Soccer Session, during which (early on in the session), we did have to work through a couple of somewhat challenging few weeks/weekends due to the winter weather we had received in the metro area.  First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for your patience with us at MVSC as we have had to work through making some difficult decisions regarding our operations and ability to offer Programming/games with said winter weather early in this 2016 “Winter II” Session, all the while keeping our Customer’s and Staff’s safety in the forefront of our minds to make decisions.  As we complete this, the tenth and final week of MVSC’s 2016 Winter II Session, I wanted to reach out to offer an explanation of the different topics that we at MVSC have been introducing each player/team to and training since the last update that you received, which noted all training topics through “Week 5” of this 10-week “Winter II” Youth Soccer Session.   

Throughout the course of weeks 6-10 of the 2016 Winter II Youth Soccer Session at MVSC, our coaches have been and continue working with your children to improve their individual ability on the ball (most commonly referenced as “technical ability”) by way of focusing on various age-appropriate dribbling topics throughout the last five weeks of the Winter II Session.  As we conclude this, the tenth and final week of the Session, MVSC Coaches have been expanding on many of the topics from weeks 1-5, most of which focused on individual (“technical”) ability on the ball, and have been expanding on said training topics in an effort to help players understand how fundamental topics such as dribbling, passing/receiving, pattern play, defending, etc. relate to the full team as we progress through this 10-week Session.  Here is a summary of the age group practice topics/curriculums for week 6, week 7, week 8 & week 9 of the Winter II Session, each specific to the age-group breakdowns at MVSC:


6+7 Age Group:

·      Week 6 Practice Topics:

o   Dribbling with continued focus on how to change directions away from pressure

o   Recognition of group/individual pressure and how to avoid it

o   Introduction of how/where to apply defensive group pressure

·      Week 7 Practice Topics:

o   Continued focus on directions dribbling & application of defensive pressure

o   Review/expand on the proper “ball striking” technique (for passing), emphasis on when/where to pass vs. dribble

o   Emphasis on possession under/using pressure to dictate possession via passing or dribbling

·      Week 8 Practice Topics:

o   Directional passing with/without pressure

o   When to pass/when to dribble (continued)

o   Progression of 1v1 to 4v4 competitions

·      Week 9 Practice Topics:

o   Dribbling/passing to avoid pressure for possession

o   Recognition of when to penetrate into attack (taking chances) versus keep possession

o   Continued competition in groups of 2s, 3s and 4s to create “real game” environments for effective decision making

8+9 Age Group:

·      Week 6 Practice Topics:

o   Dribbling with focus on how/when to change direction in pressure

o   Introduction of “shielding” technique: why/when to use it

o   Emphasis on possession via passing + dribbling to avoid/penetrate pressure

·      Week 7 Practice Topics:

o   Review of change of direction/”shielding” in pressure for possession

o   Recap of proper passing technique in short and medium distances

o   Introduction of movement off the ball to find/create passing angles/options for teammates in possession

·      Week 8 Practice Topics:

o   Recognition of “numbers-up” situations and how to exploit to advance the attack

o   Introduction of Areas of the Field of Play (“defensive area”, “midfield area”, & “shooting area”), & what players should be looking for in each area.

o   Shooting technique + shooting competitions with GKs

·      Week 9 Practice Topics:

o   Review of passing/receiving, emphasis on receiving (first touch away from pressure, into space)

o   Implementation of directional games with end-zones to allow for “when to pass vs. when to dribble” decision making in “numbers-up” and “numbers-even” situations.

10+11 Age Group:

·      Week 6 Practice Topics:

o   Review of passing/receiving techniques, emphasis on movement with & without the ball to create/exploit passing options.

o   Focus on passing for possession and to build the attack from “defensive area” to “midfield area” & ultimately into “attacking/shooting area”

o   Overall focus on improving individual player’s and team’s ability to build the attack while in/maintaining possession

·      Week 7 Practice Topics:

o   Introduction to individual defending (1v1 situations: how/when to try to win the ball and/or delay the attack to allow for more defensive help).

o   Introduction to group defending (defending in numbers to delay/deny the attack and/or win back possession).  Intro to “pressure, cover, balance” defensive principals. 

o   Overall focus on improving the player’s & team’s ability to defend as a group.

·      Week 8 Practice Topics:

o   Creating scoring opportunities using dribbling (in 1v1 situations)

o   Creating scoring chances when in “numbers-up” (2v1) situations (pass and/or dribble)

o   Overall focus on improving the team’s ability to create numerous scoring opportunities.

·      Week 9 Practice Topics:

o   Finishing/scoring reps using small sided competitions while in “numbers-up” situations

o   Progress to “numbers-even” situations in front of goal to provide constant scoring opportunities

o   Overall focus to improve the player’s & team’s ability to successfully finish scoring chances.

12+13 Age Group:

·      Week 6 Practice Topics:

o   Review of proper passing/receiving techniques (in short and longer distances)

o   Introduction “combination play” in the final third (“scoring area”)

o   Overall focus to improve the team’s ability to pass, receive and combine in the final third to create scoring chances.

·      Week 7 Practice Topics:

o   Intro to individual defending techniques for delaying the attack and/or winning possession from an attacker

o   Progression to “small group” defending (defending in 2s & 3s) + defensive principals associated (pressure, cover, balance)

o   Overall focus to improve the team’s ability to work together to regain possession of the ball when defending.

·      Week 8 Practice Topics:

o   Review of individual defending and “small group” defensive principals

o   Introduction to defending as a “flat” and/or “diamond” shape of 4

o   Overall focus to improve the team’s ability to defend in a “block” to win back possession

·      Week 9 Practice Topics:

o   Review of attacking principals and individual ability on the ball via dribbling in the attack

o   Introduction to using “width” to create scoring opportunities

o   Overall focus to improve the player’s & team’s ability to create and finish scoring opportunities from wide positions on the field


For the final week of the 2016 “Winter II” Youth Soccer Session, the MVSC Coaching Staff will largely use some of the player’s favorite training activities from throughout the Session, and will use “real game” scenarios to reinforce all of the aforementioned topics, and of course, to ensure the kids enjoy themselves while continuing to learn all aspects of the beautiful game.


As you are hopefully aware, Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex (MVSC) still accepting registration for all of our upcoming 2016 Spring Programs that we have to offer for various levels of competition and continued involvement throughout the remainder of the school year!  MVSC wants to make sure all of our valued current customers receive all details pertaining to our upcoming Programs directly and encourage you to consider re-registration at your earliest convenience, in an effort to continue working to help develop your young soccer stars!  Please check out all that MVSC has to offer in the coming weeks as we head into our “Spring Sessions”, and visit us online TODAY to register and secure your child’s spot in one of our many popular Programs:

As always, we thank you for your family’s support of and commitment to MVSC, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of your children throughout this 2016 Winter II Youth Soccer Session.  We sincerely hope that your family has enjoyed your time at MVSC, and your children have benefitted from the hard work of the MVSC Coaching Staff.  We also hope to see all Winter II participants returning for MVSC’s upcoming 2016 Spring Soccer Session (March 21 – May 28)….don’t forget to visit us online (www.mockingbirdsoccer.net) to reserve your child’s spot in Louisville’s #1 Youth Development Soccer Programming!

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